Great North Woods Center for the Arts

The Great North Woods Center for the Arts (GNWCA) is located in Columbia, NH.

The GNWCA has a management team consisting of representatives from the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts, Carriage Lane Players, and Connecticut River Artisan Group.  The team is responsible for operational expenses and coordinates all activities at the Center.  It has been highly successful in obtaining grants and sponsoring concerts, plays, classes, exhibits, fairs, and other events.

The Connecticut River Artisans Group (CRAG) presents classes, stores art supplies, and has an Artist Space where individuals are able to network with one another and create their works of art at the Center.  CRAG will sponsor two exhibits (July 13th and October 12th) during 2024 at the GNWCA.  To participate in one of these exhibits or for more information about the Center, please contact Nancy Smith at [email protected].

Photo from left to right of Peggy Moon, Peggy Deyette, Carol Reynolds, Marty Zarli, and Evie Moder who exhibited at the arts and craft fair at the Great North Woods Center for the Arts on Saturday, July 13, 2024.  Not in the photo are Mia Jaworski and Pat Klinefelter.